Black Sheep (2006) online sa prevodom

Black Sheep (2006)

Black Sheep (2006) Kategorija: Comedy Horror Sci-Fi
IMDB ocena: 5.8 Glasovi: 41,750 | Trajanje:87 min |
Uloge: Oliver Driver Nathan Meister Tammy Davis
Director: Jonathan King
Pisac: Jonathan King
Jezik: English

Black Sheep (2006) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Black Sheep (2006) sa prevodom online Growing up on the family sheep farm was idyllic for smart, sensitive Harry Olfield, except for some knavish mischief from cocky brother Angus, until their dad has a fatal accident. Fifteen years later, Harry has finished sheep-phobia therapy and his ICT schooling and returns. Angus buys him out, all ready to present the genetically engineered Oldfield sheep he bred with a ruthless team. When environmentalist Grant steals a discarded embryo, which has sharp teeth, he gets bitten by it, and thus the first to be infected with predatory hunger and a mechanism that turns any mammal into a werewolf version. Running for the farm men, Grant's mate, student Experience, gets teamed up with Harry and his boorish but gentle pastoral youth friend Tucker. They must survive both the bloodthirsty sheep and their creators, who didn't realize this yet but dispose of an antidote.


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    48:50 Minecraft :)
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    Bolesniji, odvratniji ni gluplji film nisam gledao.