Untamed Heart (1993) online sa prevodom

Untamed Heart (1993)

Untamed Heart (1993) Kategorija: Drama Romance
IMDB ocena: 6.8 Glasovi: 14,483 | Trajanje:102 min |
Uloge: Christian Slater Marisa Tomei Rosie Perez
Director: Tony Bill
Pisac: Tom Sierchio
Jezik: English

Untamed Heart (1993) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno Untamed Heart (1993) sa prevodom online Caroline has not had much luck in love. Boyfriends seem to either leave her or cheat on her. Then she meets a shy, introverted man at work named Adam. When leaving work one day, two men attack her. Adam comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, retaliation by the attackers sends Adam to the hospital where he finds out he has a diseased heart. Adam is an orphan and was told he had a baboon's heart. He refuses a transplant, as he believes his love for Caroline is contained in his damaged heart. Before tragedy can strike, they have a passionate but brief romance. Adam opens up to Caroline and he, in turn, heals her broken heart.


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    Lep film , veoma romantican .