The Late Bloomer (2016) online sa prevodom

The Late Bloomer (2016)

The Late Bloomer (2016) Kategorija: Comedy Drama Romance
IMDB ocena: 5.2 Glasovi: 10,550 | Trajanje:90 min |
Uloge: Charlotte McKinney Johnny Simmons Blake Cooper
Director: Kevin Pollak
Pisac: Ken Baker, Joe Nussbaum, Mark Torgove
Jezik: English

The Late Bloomer (2016) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno The Late Bloomer (2016) sa prevodom online Perfect gentleman and psychiatric therapist Peter Newmans is assumed gay by his doting patients, female neighbors and profiteering male playmates who envy his slick way with women. Then he's diagnosed with and operated for a rare, non-aggressive brain tumor, which suppressed his pituitary gland, the hormonal trigger of puberty. To the delight of his father, who always waited for normal 'teen rebellion' and knavish womanizing, Peter now rushes trough phases of 'growing up' sexually, with the benefits of adult body and income but without normal experience, confusing him, his crushes and his male friends.


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