The Key Game (2022) online sa prevodom

The Key Game (2022)

The Key Game (2022) Kategorija: Comedy
IMDB ocena: 4.8 Glasovi: 584 | Trajanje:107 min |
Uloge: Eva Ugarte Miren Ibarguren Fernando Guallar
Director: Vicente Villanueva
Pisac: Verónica Bellver, Marta Buchaca, Sandro Halphen
Jezik: Spanish

The Key Game (2022) sa prevodom

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Gledaj hd besplatno The Key Game (2022) sa prevodom online Laura has been with Antonio all her life and, just when she begins to wonder if that is really the life she wants, Sergio and Siena cross paths in their lives. Sergio is a former high school classmate and Siena, his millennial girlfriend who arrives to revolutionize everyone's lives. Laura, Raquel and Cris, close friends for years, convince their respective husbands to play a game that Siena proposes to them: the game of keys. The game consists of everyone putting their keys in a bowl. At random, each one chooses some keys and he must go to spend the night with the owner of the keys. This game will revolutionize the group of friends and their lives. It will make them discover who they are and what they really want. A comedy about long-term monogamy, self-fulfillment, and pleasure. A story about four couples who are friends and decide to be swingers with each other.


  1. pimpać
    11 meseci pre

    simpać 6.5/10
  2. white wolf
    white wolf
    11 meseci pre

    sat i četrdeset minuta čiste zabave, 8/10
  3. ja
    8 meseci pre

    није комедија али није лош
  4. АцаНик
    11 meseci pre

    Капирам да је требало нешто да буде смешно, само се не види где је то смешно? 10 мин је било сасвим довољно.